Top 7 Most Marketable Skills For Freelancers in 2019

FreelanceAmassing wealth sums up to a pretty simple equation – Either spend less money or earn more of it. There are numerous ways to make more money, be it having a towing services business, car rental, eatery etc. However today, we are going to talk about freelance jobs. Freelancing is a virtuous way to be self-employed and earn money by offering your skills. Freelancing is on the rise because there are more opportunities to do it.

For those considering becoming full-time freelancers, here are some best practices you need to adhere to;

– Understand that you are starting your own small business

– Manage your time well as you will need to work on multiple projects with different clients

– Set reasonable rates and be realistic about what you need to make to make it worth.

If you are contemplating about making a go of it as a freelancer, here are the top highest-paying and in demand freelancing skills.

  1. Marketing strategy & PR

Marketing coordinators, project managers. Marketing managers and public relations professions are some of the most sought job positions in the commerce field. To freelance in this job, you need to have the skills of creating customer experience strategies for various brands and doing a lot of research about market insights. You will be dealing with the performance of products in the market and updating a company about the necessary changes about the same.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Business womanThe SEO skill requires performing the necessary steps for sites to be search-engine friendly. There are a few top SEO specialist who charge $1,000 per hour for their services. It is more common for high-end freelancers in this field to charge around $500 per hour. Freelancers new to the field, but with the right skills can easily pull $100 per hour for their consultancy services.

  1. Accounting

An accountant, property accountant, accounts clerk or a bookkeeper needs to be highly proficient in providing billing and inventory management, bank statement and accounts, reclining bank journals, bookkeeping and assisting in financial reporting. Accounting is a high in demand skill and one that freelancers are reaping big in.

  1. Web and Mobile Development

Whether the web or mobile development, these experts earn handsomely. An application developer must have the skills of creating online tools and testing software for websites. You must be able to integrate smoothly applications with the available site tools and provide any technical support after that. Some corporate clients pay as much as $100,000 to have an app developed

  1. Writing

There are those freelance writers who manage to pull more than six figures every year. There are various types of writing, and each has different levels of demand and expertise. Top writing gigs include;

– ScriptwritingFreelance work

– Copywriting

– SEO writer

– Sports writer

Hollywood is here to stay and the demand for script writers continues to grow. You need to familiarize yourself with the format of reading plays or popular scripts and screenwriting. Copywriting is another skill whose demand continues to rise everyday . Many businesses are starting up or expanding, and they need a web copy to sell their services or products.

  1. Translation

The Internet continues to connect more people around the world every day. It is evident that language translation skill continues to be in demand. As a freelancer, you offer translation services in a language that you are fluent in. Translation represents one of the easiest freelancing skills to opt for if you are fluent in a different language. A translator can earn up to $72,000 per year while the average ones earn around $50,000.

  1. Photography

If you have passion in photography, it will be a great way to generate revenue. You need to have a good command over the editing tools for retouching your photographs. Many freelancers who specialize in wedding photography make $2000 per hour easily. You may also venture in travel photography or fine art photography and sell your stock photos to many online sites.

Freelancing jobs are not exhaustive. Others include;

– Teaching and tutoring

– Social media

– Graphic designer

– Voice acting, etc

If you have got a creative skill, you can start freelancing immediately. Designers, photographers, musicians, artists and other creative professionals can find regular work easy. You can find well-paying gigs by selling your skill and clients will come looking for you. It is just an aspect of finding what works best for you.

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