Understanding the Common Types of Freelancers

Freelancing businessGlobalization and Internet revolution has been pushing more and more people to look for independent work. If you are new in the freelancing world, you might feel a bit confused about the arrangement and types of work that freelancers do. Freelancing jobs come in many different varieties all of which pay differently and demand different commitments and skills.

Perhaps you are a freelancer and already fit int the category of types of freelancers. Else, you might be considering making a move into the freelancing world and wondering what kind of freelancer you would become. Here, we look at the types.

  1. Independent Contractors

Business woman Independent contractors account for the biggest percentage of freelancers out there. Their full-time employment is freelancing, and this is the reason they are hired on a project-project basis. To get into this category, you need to ensure that you do your work well and be recognized as professionals in that field. These professional freelancers tend to work very hard as they know that their next job will depend on the success of the one they are currently engaged in.

  1. The Desperado

These are people who freelance out of fear. Their fear might be driven by the need to pay rent, pay the utility bills and the need to get money to buy food. They take just about any job that come on their way, no matter how small it is. Many of these freelancers accept to be paid peanuts for enormous tasks they deliver.

  1. The Moonlighter

The moonlighter earns extra money by freelancing on the side. These type of freelancers work in their traditional 9-5 job and switch to usual freelancing at night. These individuals must balance both their regular jobs and the project based ones, are characterized by fatigue and beating deadlines.

  1. The transitioner

Freelancer workingTransitioners are those freelancers who have a little work experience. They know the exact stage of freelancing that they are today, and they know where they want to be in the coming six months or one year. They are upwardly mobile and are always looking for new challenges. They are tired of the same old things and want new opportunities. They are best for living in a state of flux and working outside their comfort zones.

  1. The lifer

The lifer makes a conscious decision to work for themselves. They work tirelessly and effortlessly to reach their daily targets. They are self-disciplined, self-motivated and entrepreneurial. They make the category of successful bloggers, journalists, and web designers.

Freelancing Work Divisions

There are different types of freelance works up for grabs. Freelancers in these divisions are categorized in the above described types, depending on their skill level, motivation, and experience. Below is a roundup of several freelance jobs that employers are looking for;

– Writing

– Editing and ProofreadingFreelance work

– Marketing and PR

– Transcription

– Data Entry

– Virtual Assistant Work

– Online Tutoring Jobs

– Call Center Jobs

There are many other legitimate freelancing jobs that one can pick up. Before you venture in the freelancing world, you need to weight up yourself to feel where you mostly fit depending with your skills.

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