Top 6 Freelancing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

 Freelancing can be s source of freedom or overwhelming anxiety depending on situation. It becomes the later when you have not taken the time to manage your freelancing efficiently with the incorporation of healthy habits that create an ideal working environment. Approaching freelancing from a backward perspective can be absolutely daunting when first getting started. Here, we discuss six main mistakes that all freelancers need to avoid, and how to correct them.

  1. Not having client acquisition strategy

Without consistent clients, your business will not be able to survive. In most cases, freelancers leave this to chance and focus on standard methods of marketing. Instead, they should build a strategy that leverages their strength and fits the context of their situation. Jumping to the social media platforms and writing a blog is not the ideal client acquisition approach. Instead, you need to know where your clients are, and go for them there.

  1. Accepting lowest offer

When first starting out on the freelance road, you may find yourself taking lower paying assignments just to get a foot in the door. It may be part of the bottom-up technique as sometimes we might all need to work through to get to the bottom. However, many freelancers are willing to settle far too easily, and this is a grave mistake. Use your experience and confidence to ask for what you rightly deserve.

  1. Not doing research

You should not let ignorance of a subject put you off from taking a freelancing task. Clients greatly appreciate a freelancer’s willingness to learn and grow with different assignments, as this opens more market opportunities in the future. When you commit to undertake a particular task you may not be very familiar with, always ensure that you do proper research. For freelance writing, avoid copying and trusting forums and sites such as Wikipedia.

  1. Missing deadlineFreelance

Missing a deadline is a grave offense. It is like taking a sledgehammer to your reputation. You will lose a fair share of other assignments by not heeding to deadlines. In case the task before you is quite involving, agree on a reasonable deadline. Never dodge a client’s phone call or leave mail unanswered. Keep clients posted on any significant changes or adjustments.

  1. Getting too personal

The client-freelancer relationship is an important one that need fair share of respect. It is good to be friendly with a client, but always put it professionally. You should not be best friends neither should you be too formal. Always keep it balanced. It is good always to start correspondence on a formal basis and then get friendlier depending on how the client handles communication.

  1. Not having multiple income sources

Relying on one client is always a bad idea. If the main client drops you or reduces their freelancing budget, you will get stuck in a period of desperation. If you have one client, don’t rely on the entirely as your only sources of income. Always remember the slang- Shit happens.

It is easy to make mistakes when working as a self-employed person. The slightest of these errors may have adverse negative effects on your business. Some of these mistakes that freelancers make result in an unnecessary amount of stress and anxiety. Changing these mistakes can yield worthwhile freelance experience that can help you avoid disaster.

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