The 7 Best Places to Find Freelancing Opportunities

FreelanceThe popularity of freelancing has heightened in the recent past. As the demand for highly skilled, specialized employees increase, many top businesses are turning to freelancers to outsource their tasks. More people than ever are trawling different virtual platforms to get freelancing opportunities. Whether you are a virtual assistant or a limo driver, there are countless online opportunities to exploit.

If you are an aspiring freelancer looking for an extra income or a new lifestyle, the chances are that you’ve already checked out a few freelancing sites in the past. Nonetheless, only the proactive job seekers can make the most out of the online market jobs. We know just how challenging it might get, for freelancers, and this is why we have compiled a list of seven top freelancing sites.

Upwork –

Probably the biggest freelancing site, Upwork is a merger between two prominent companies, ODesk and Elance. Besides being easy to use, this site will give you access to millions of clients from all over the globe. It also has a steady flow of job opportunities in different areas. However, with more than 10 million freelancers having signed for work on this site, you have to be ready to compete to get jobs. Newbies may also be forced to lower their rates so that they can get employed in such a competitive forum. –Dream Job Ahead

This site veers from the orthodox freelancing sites in that it offers long-term projects. It can help you to link up with employers and offer a steady source of income. Personally, I have used this site. In my part-time, I do freelance writing that has enabled me to get a private client, and now I’m assured of constant gigs.

SimplyHired –

This site contains numerous opportunities for freelancers from all fields. It is here that all kinds of freelancers meet regardless of their backgrounds. The site also offers many opportunities. Designers, writers, web developers, photographers and many others can turn to this site for work as, you are guaranteed of finding work on this site.

Toptal –

Although this site is relatively new, it has fast gained popularity, especially amongst software engineers. It specializes in the provision of technology and engineering services and only hires extremely talented minds. Freelancers seeking opportunities on this site have to pass through a rigorous screening process. Nevertheless, the rewards from this site include easy access to top corporate clients who pay handsomely and networking through meetings organized for members. That it only hires software engineers, limits access to freelancers from other fields.

Freelancer – beautiful woman on her computer while having breakfast

The Freelancer is yet another top site for freelancers in all niches. It has over 15 million registered clients hence you are guaranteed a steady flow of work. It also hosts competitions amongst the freelancers and winning one of these can help you build a strong reputation. Once you register on this site, you may have to compete with so many other freelancers for work. You might have to lower your rates during initial phases.

Guru –

This US-based freelancing site was once very popular until it as edged out by its competitors. Its credibility still stands strong, and it is particularly recommended for newbies. This is because it offers services such as how-to-guides and is less competitive when it comes to bidding. The caveats with this site are its limitation to the American market and high expenses of unsubscribing from it.


Craigslist is extremely popular, and although it is more known for advertisements, it can also offer opportunities for freelancers. Given its vast number of users, you can get access to many clients without having to bid or compete with many people. However, you have to be proactive because the site only lists the jobs and it is up to you to contact the clients.

Freelancing can be rewarding, but you must first find the best site before you can start reaping the fruits of working at your convenience. Extensive research will help you understand which sites are best for you. Some offer low pay compared to others while other have fewer opportunities and clients. As you gain more experience and establish your portfolio, you can work as an independent freelancer without looking for jobs from these sites. You deal with your clients via direct mails.


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