How to Get Started In Freelancing

 freelancer A freelancer is any person who offers services for a fee. Freelancers work independently at home or any place to deliver client’s work at their pace, and most of their work is done online. Freelancing continues to be mainstream. Becoming a freelancer presents a way to work at home and be independent without needing to start an actual business. This makes it possible for one to get started as a freelancer overnight without a lot of difficulties or hassle and with the least amount of expense.

There are a number of active freelancers and many would-be freelancers too. The would-be freelancers represent those individuals thinking about starting freelancing but are yet to start. Many things hold them back from freelancing. Be it fear if the unknown, lack of self confidence, time commitment and other factors. Others do not even know where to get started. Here, we have prepared a simple guide on getting started in freelancing.

Getting Started in Freelancing

  1. Examine Your Skills

To start freelancing, you must possess a highly marketable skill, and that’s the main criteria. Freelancers can be required to do any kind of work you might imagine. You have to take a look of what you are good in. Freelancers have skills in;

– WritingFreelance word cloud

– Web design

– Graphic Art

– Photography

You need to determine your skill and have a portfolio that demonstrates your expertise. You can take a closer look at your past works and see if any can enrich your portfolio.

  1. Do Your Research

You need to possess a good understanding of the marketplace for your chosen freelance field. The essential aspects that you need to get answers from this step include;

– Where to get opportunities

– The most marketable skills

– Tools needed

– Charging for your services

Always do extensive research and learn. Make extensive consultation with your friends or associates who might have found success in freelancing. You also need to research about your options of getting paid. Most of the online payments are done through PayPal, Skrill and other money transfers.

  1. Find Freelancing Work

Finding freelancing work will partly depend on the type of freelance work you want to do. Many successful freelancers testify that they got their first gig through former employees, friends or the family members. The internet provides platforms where you can find work too. Examples include;

Craigslist – working

Upwork –

Guru –

Some freelance job sites are free while others require renewing of membership. More of these platforms are discussed extensively in our other guides.

  1. Get Social

Your freelancing career will greatly benefit from your participation in social media. Social media presents a great and inexpensive technique t get your name or brand in front of the potential clients.

If you decide to be a freelancer, you can set your working hours. You will have time to rest and work at your pace. Freelancers are creative thinkers and researchers, and this helps you keep your mind engaged and on top of the game. Although you might find yourself being paid so little for an enormous task you deliver, time will be the answer. With experience, you are assured of a higher pay and many benefits as clients come searching for you.

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